A little bit about Nancy and Community Living

Nancy Murless - Born August 28, 1961

Nancy was born August 28th, 1961 the first of two children, I was the second one, to make our family of four.  At the time of Nancy's birth there were some serious complications and as a result Nancy would go through life with an intellectual disability, epilepsy and cerebral palsy. 

Our family moved to Mississauga in 1962 from East York, into the Applewood area where we would reside for over 40 years.  Nancy would start attending school at Red Oaks, as at this time they did not integrate intellectually challenged individuals into the public school system.  In 1966  our father became involved in the early days of what is now called Community Living Mississauga.

After school days were over Nancy would go on to spend time in the packaging workshops operated by Community Living and later on she received day support from Community Living. Nancy lived at home until the fall of 2000 when through the support of our father and Community Living she moved into her own condo with her roommate Cheryl. She lived there for five years until her needs changed and   was moved into a group home operated by Community Living. (Now you begin to see a theme :)

Nancy passed away suddenly in 2010 at the age of 49, after becoming toxic for the third time. The same drugs that kept her alive for some many years were the same ones that would eventually take her life.  This book is dedicated to her sense of humour, love of food and zest for life and to the individuals at Community Living Mississauga who helped her live everyday to the fullest. (The pic on the right is Nancy with our mother circa 1977)

Thanks in advance for your support - Karen & Doug

Our family fund at Community living


Our family fund has helped a number of families to date and will need replenishing.  Some of the proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will go replenish the fund and help Community Living with other programs.


Our father, Gordon, was the President of Community Living for many years as he and other fathers (remember it was the 60's) in similar family situations would form the Board of Directors.  It was a much smaller scale then it is today.  Karen and I have picked up the torch and we can now say we have 52 consecutive years and counting of our family volunteering at Community Living Mississauga.