THE COOKBOOK COUNT - 557/1000 Books Sold - Jan. 1

Full Transparency Accounting

We are not a registered non-profit, we are just trying to do something nice to honour our sister and support Community Living, so it is important that we share our accounting with you. On that note, we will post as many details on this page as we can and or you can ask us for info at any time.

Printing Cost

The final printing cost including tax was $11,040.10.  We collected this money back and now every dollar goes to Community Living Mississauga excluding taxes and any credit card fees.

Credit Card Fees

For those who need to pay by credit card we will lose approximately 3% of the sale price and the credit card co. will provide us with the net total.

Shipping, Handling, & Packaging

We will cover all these costs as we hope we can meet most of our supporters locally to pick up their cookbook and keep these costs to a minimum.

We will let you know if anything changes but hopefully we do need many packing and shipping supplies etc.


The government needs their cut and because we are not a registered charity and or not-for-profit we need to charge 5% GST or $1.43, which will be remitted to the government less the GST we pay on the printing of the cookbook.  $30.00 less $1.43 = $28.57 is the cookbook price.

Why is this important?

When you pay us by cheque, cash or pay pal the money is being deposited into an account under my personal name "Doug Murless", again we are just trying to do our part and give back as our efforts are purely volunteer efforts. After checking with the bank and the government they both suggested this is the easiest way to do it.  On this page we aim to give you full transparency into the proceeds, costs and donation.


The amount paid back from the printing costs we initially paid was $11,040.10 with an $8.50 bank charge.  See invoice and payment below.  Credit card fees as of Jan. 1 total $50.50 from PayPal and $151.77 from Square for a total of $202.27.

Paid printing invoice and wire transfer of the same amount back.